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Racing Academy is an educational racing game for engineers
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Lateral Visions Software Limited

Racing Academy is a game created by the British company Lateral Visions. The sole purpose of this game is to educate users in engineering concepts by playing the game. The concept is creating a racing game with realism in physics, engine management, and other factors in the car. Then they give the options to modify and fine-tune those settings to achieve the maximum performance. The idea is that, in order to beat the game, students should understand first the engineering concepts behind car physics and engines, so they can achieve maximum success. The game is divided into three levels, the first one is a drag strip in which players will have to configure the engine details for the car. Once they beat that level, they unlock more features such as tire choice and gear setup. The third level is a test track, so users can modify further settings. In all, the users can modify over 1,000 parameters for the vehicles. The game does the job it was required to do, it really educates. If you are into car engineering or want to start learning, this is a great free tool you can try on almost every PC.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great physics engine. Educational


  • Poor graphics
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